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January/February USOS News Blast

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Alaska    Texas         Illinois        North Carolina    New Jersey


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Alaska       Education Bills Remaining Active in the 2024 Session – Association of Alaska School Boards (             Alaska has many education bills remaining active for the 2024 session, including  SB 24 – Public Schools – Mental Health Education, SB 99 – Financial Literacy Program in Schools, SB 140 – Internet for Schools, HB 111 – Education for Deaf & Hearing Impaired


Texas Senate Bill 17 requires public universities to end all diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Universities will also be unable to offer training on diversity and inclusion for its faculty and staff, or require diversity statements in hiring processes.  New year brings new education laws in Texas (


Illinois                 HB 2789: In order to be eligible for state grants, a public library or library system shall develop a written policy prohibiting the practice of banning books. New laws Illinois 2024: Full list of new IL laws that take effect Jan. 1 includes a minimum wage increase, a ban on book bans, more - ABC7 ChicagoAlternatively, libraries may adopt the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.


North Carolina    HB 142- Protect Our Students Act: This law modifies penalties and definitions for certain sex offenses against students and increases penalties for the failure of school administrators to report certain misconduct to the state Board of Education


New Jersey                   ALTERNATIVE TEACHING CERTIFICATE: This new law will allow prospective teachers to bypass a test on basic skills. According to the NJ Education Report, this means "aspiring teachers can get an alternate certification without passing the Praxis 1 test, enabling them to teach in public school classrooms (including renaissance and charter schools). After four years of continuous employment, they will be issued a standard New Jersey teaching certificate."



Welcome to 2024!  Enjoy these tidbits of educational news to get your brain moving to help United to Save Our Schools improve public education!  Comments & news items (with citations) are welcome at




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