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National Days of Teaching Truth Videos

Uniting to Save Our Schools                  

Denisha Jones 



Mark Naison 





Jesse Turner


Sydni Britton 











Mark Chapman



Kat Duffy 



Liz Galeano 

Paul Thomas


Kevin Kumashiro 

Rick Meyer

Anthony Cody

Johnny Eric Williams

Vickie Hedger

Cris Mann

Christina Dismang

Denise Taliaferro Baszile

Erika Strauss Chavarria 

Luis Torres 


Bess Altwerger

Rhonda Philbert


Rose Reyes


Regina Gatmaitan

Kirk Prince


Julian Prince

Dr. Peg Donohue

Ava Rose Molnar

Alyssa DiMaria

Destiny Johnson


Rosalie Friend

Khem Irby Freedom to Learn

Courtland Smith Searching for Your Own Truth


Kathy Durham Teaching Truth in Historic Time

Paul Thomas - The 451 App

Judy Ancel - History is Not a Fairy Tale

Michelle McKnight - Teaching Truth Counts


William Dickerson-Waheed - The Untold Stories of the Civil Rights Movement

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