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2024 Action Dialogue Series

The Politics & Reality of the "Science" of Reading
April 11th

Educators are being forced to use flawed, unproven, and invalid curriculum to teach reading. Students are suffering through one-size-fits all lessons that do not address their unique needs and interests. Join us as we: confront the lies by exposing faulty generalizations about reading instruction; present accurate research about reading; reveal who's profiting from these lies; and hear voices from those who are actively working to maintain democracy in public schools.

Resources from the webinar:

  • Paul's slideshow can be found here.

  • Paul's post on NAEP can be read here.

  • Chat from the webinar with links and comments can be read here.

The Struggle for Liberty: Whose Liberty?
Feb 22, 2024

Moms 4 Liberty and other radical right organizations, masquerading as grassroots groups of concerned parents, have been using their dark money and political connections to take over school boards and pressure school systems to abandon their diversity, equity, and inclusion policies aimed at protecting the rights and identities of all students. M4L is also the force behind many of the initiatives to ban books, curricula, and classroom conversations regarding truths about race, history, and identity. This action dialogue will provide more information on who M4L really is and who is behind them and identify successful strategies that can be used to counter them in our school districts and legislatures. 

Elizabeth Hammon, Anti-Racist Education Alliance
Elizabeth Mikitarian, Stop Moms for Liberty
Jumel Howard, PFLAG

USOS 2024 Action Dialogue Series
Struggles for Democracy in Public Education: Liberty, Literacy, History and Identity

May, 2024:
The Ongoing Struggle to Teach Truth in the New McCarthy Era
Denisha Jones, Moderator

June, 2024
The Struggle for Gender Identities in Public Education
TBA, Moderator

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